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Cloning the BK KNG P150 video

-       KNG P150 Cloning Tips
Cloning from the older(larger) Bendix King DPH (or GPH) to the KNG follows the same procedure as cloning from the DPH to a DPH.
    Choosing which "Group" to clone the new set of channels is different,as is the cable.
    What is referred to as "Groups" in the DPH is known as  "Zones" in the KNG.  To change zones press  button under "zone" in the display,(in this case the diamond). Then press up or down arrows to desired number and press "Enter"(in this case the "square" button"


    To clone from DPH attach cable to both(with both radios on), hold "program" button and "FCN" till "------ID"appears.Put in 6 zeroes and press "ENT".
   On DPH press " * " then "FCN".
DPH should slowly flash "PROG".  KNG should read"Lgcy Programming"for a few seconds. If DPH reads "Fail" try again.
    Disconnect radios and choose a channel (without channel guard) in chosen Zone and see if the radios communicate.

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