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Video downloading Oregon Dept of Forestry maps with PDF Map App

Reading USGS and BLM transportation maps with Township,Range,Sections

2018 California Fire Tracker Map from the San Francisco Chronicle

PDF Maps App by Avenza (free on Itunes or Play Store)

South West Oregon ODF Maps

Oregon Dept Of Forestry Forest Protection District Maps

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Cal Topo PDF Viewer,-98.4&z=5&b=t

Cal Topo Maps,-114.98575&z=5&b=t&o=f%2Cr&n= 

Incident Command System Map Symbols 

Finding north using an analog wristwatch and the sun.


Forest Service Geodata clearinghouse

Active Fire Maps from NASA
May need Google Earth downloaded to open.

Township, Range, Section layer over Google or USGS maps!! Gmap4
First map is Ashland, Oregon. Note the Willamette Meridian running North and  South just West of Ashland. This separates Range 1 West from Range 1 East.
Note East of Ashland about 3 miles out on Dead Indian Memorial Road red  type shows the separartion between Township 38 South and Township 39 South.See video at next link below for quick explanation.
To print, zoom and center map, hit Ctrl + p to preview, then print (or Cancel to reset)
Right click where you are on map (or anywhere) to get coordinates for that spot.Use Degrees,Decimal Minutes to call in bucket drops.
To email map: In menu choose Link to this map. Copy link (Ctrl+c) paste in email (Ctrl+v) Send.
 To search open Menu choose Search. Search with street address or Decimal Degrees (eg, 42.148896, -122.621326 ) or Degees Decimal Minutes (eg, n42 8.934, w122 37.280 ) These coordinates are for Emigrant Lake Park.See map

BLM Transportation Maps Roseburg,SW      Coast,Burns

Adobe Reader App android is useful to view pdfs like the BLM maps and the digital IRPG

BLM LR2000 Click  PLSS (Public Land Survey System) to see Township,Range,Section.
After you find the section you want ,click Topo for contour lines Click Surface Management Agency to display say National Forest and BLM land.Ctrl+p to print.


Online Latitude Longitude converter. Conversion from Degrees Minute Seconds or Degree decimals
to Degrees Minutes, decimal Minutes (format for calling in bucket drops)

Google Maps.

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Map Maker Pulse: Real time edits in Google Map Maker

Reading BLM Maps :The Public Land Survey System

Oregon Road Conditions
Trip check mobile

Android apps

Planimeter My favorite gps/mapping app. Easily measure area/distance/perimeter on Google maps/earth. Incredible zoom in to satellite view. $2.99 Play Store or iTunes

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US Topo Maps Free

The chain came from Professor Gunter

Magnetic Declination

The Willamette Meridian

Edmund Gunter

NIFC Tech Tools

National Forest Overlays for Gmap4 maps West coast)

Division Break: Location of Division boundaries. Divisions are identified with opposing
parenthesis symbols, “)(“, and alpha character labels. Lettering is designated from A to Z,
clockwise from the fire origin. The naming scheme is created to allow for the addition or
subtraction of Divisions.(from NWCG GSTOP guidelines see WFIMFG)

GIS Standard Operating Procedures on Incidents