Video- downloading Oregon Dept of Forestry maps with PDF Map App (now called Avenza)

Oregon Department of Forestry maps-(click on desired map,then on left panel click
"more info",it will download to your Avenza file)

Cal Topo Maps with fire activity detected by satellites

Cal Topo tutorial

Cal Topo android app (new,developers are seeking feedback)-

Cal Topo on Google Earth video

Reading USGS and BLM transportation maps with Township,Range,Sections

Reading BLM Maps :The Public Land Survey System

Using Google maps offline video

How to use a compasss video

Magnetic Declination

Incident Command System Map Symbols 

Finding north using an analog wristwatch and the sun.


Forest Service Geodata clearinghouse

Active Fire Maps from NASA
May need Google Earth downloaded to open.
BLM Transportation Maps Roseburg,SW      Coast,Burns

Online Latitude Longitude converter. Conversion from Degrees Minute Seconds or Degree decimals
to Degrees Minutes, decimal Minutes (format for calling in bucket drops)
Google Maps.

Google Earth

Map Maker Pulse: Real time edits in Google Map Maker

Android apps

Planimeter My favorite gps/mapping app. Easily measure area/distance/perimeter on Google maps/earth. Incredible zoom in to satellite view. $2.99 Play Store or iTunes

Orux Maps free

US Topo Maps Free 

The "Chain"

Edmund Gunter

The Willamette Meridian

NIFC Tech Tools

GIS Standard Operating Procedures on Incidents