Avenza Guide

Avenza Guide
1.      Download the  Avenza Maps App from the App Store or Play Store
                  Playstore link 
                  App Store link

                (For latest version of Avenza from the Play Store you need Android 6.0 or later.)
                (from the App Store you need IOS 11 or later for latest Avenza version.)
2.      Skip account creation.
3.      Notice the four main options across the bottom of the screen. Maps will be the home of any maps  you have downloaded. Store is where you buy more maps. Layers is where you edit tracks and placemarks that you place on any maps that you have downloaded.
4.      First let’s download a map from the store:
a.      Click the store at the bottom of your screen.
b.      Select topographic (this is the most useful for fires)
c.      From here you can search for an area at the top of the screen: let’s try “crater lake”
d.      Each of the blue pins is a map that you can download. Some cost money, others are free. Each blue pin you select will show the area the map covers in red. The “crater lake east, OR historical map GEOPDF 7.5x7.5 grid 24000 scale 1985” is free. Its in the cluster of maps with the pin in the east part of the lake.
 e.      Click the information portal on the map title, click the free box, click install.
f.       Click the maps section at the bottom of the screen.
g.      Open your crater lake map from the list. You can zoom it in and out with pinching motions, place pins by clicking a point on the screen (the pin icon is at the bottom of the screen), or rotate the map with a pinch and twist motion.
h.      The wrench icon at the bottom can engage track recorder or other options like measuring between pins.
5.      Now let’s get a second map that we can use at our current location.
a.      Click the store at the bottom of your screen.
b.      Select topographic (this is the most useful for fires)
c.      Zoom the store map in on your current location
d.      Select and download a mop that overlaps your GPS dot at your current location
e.      Return to the maps section at the bottom of the screen and open your new map.
f.       Your blue GPS dot location should attach to your map no matter how you zoom or rotate your map.
g.      Line your GPS dot up in the center screen crosshair. Place a pin.
h.      Click the wrench icon and click begin gps tracks. Now select start in the bottom eft corner.
i.       Walk some distance. Click Stop in the bottom left. This would be a good method to GPS a trail or lap around the fire.
j.       Place another pin at your destination.
k.      Click the wrench again. Click Draw and measure. Click a start and end at your two placemarks. This gives you the straight line distance between the points.
6.      Now let’s get a government fire map from their FTP site. This method is superior to the QR code scanner.
a.      Visit https://ftp.nifc.gov
b.      Click incident specific data from the public access folders.
c.      You’ll see folders of each of the regions on this screen, for now, let’s click pacific nw.
d.      Then click 2017 Oregon (next season there will be a 2018 oregon folder at this location)
e.      Now click 2017 whitewater OR-WIF-170123 (your fire will be on this list in the 2018 folder)
f.       The GIS folder has all the GIS produced maps. The IR folder has the IR maps and overlays. You can get just the IR dots and place them on other maps. For now lets get a good briefing map of the whole fire. Click GIS.
g.      Click Products – These numbered folders are dates. Usually you’ll choose the last one. This is usually the only thing you need on the fire, the bottom is always the most recent set of maps. Since this fire is out, we need a good map from the middle of the incident, so select the 20170907 folder from the middle of the incident.
h.      There are lots of maps available, including all of the pages of the IAP maps for each division, but my favorite is the BAM. This stands for Big Ass Map. That’s the big one they print for the morning briefing. Its usually the whole fire with all of the details. Best single use fire map. The IAP page for your division is the best topo option usually. Click the BAM at the top.
i.       After the map loads in your browser tap on it. Select “Open In” and then Avenza Maps. This sends the map to your avenza maps download screen. You can find it under the maps tab of your app when it finishes downloading.

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Avenza app is free,however one can only save 3 maps(so you must delete to add a new one)
The "Plus" subscription allows you to download unlimited maps for $29.99/year(per device)

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