Saturday, June 16, 2018

Fire Information

NIFC -The National Interagency Fire Center
For "SIT Report" click "Fire Information" then click "Incident Management Situation Report-PDF"

New IRPG 2018

National Fire Situational Awareness Map (Changes on second page "page i")

Wildfire Today

Gmap4 Currrent Fires Map.  Satellite heat detected and Geomac fire perimeters (which may not be current).The latest version now includes weather and radar information and more. Get the latest on current fires thanks to Joseph Elfelt.
For best options click on "Map"-"Overlays"-check "VIIRS_fire_detection" and also "HMS_fire_detection"
Choose other maps and layers that you wish.For example terrain maps show chimneys,draws,and chutes...
while satellite shows the fuels, and "Aerial Google Hybrid" shows main roads with satellite veiw.

Recent Fire Maps from NIFC
 choose Incident Specific Data& location (for example pacific_nw/)(for viewing in Google Earth choose kmz file , if available)


Active Fire Maps from USFS

Geomac large fire map

NIFCs Geographic Area Coordinating Centers

Web Fire Mapper

2014 Incident Response Pocket Guide (IRPG)

WFSTAR (Wildland Safety Refresher link)

Wildland Fire Incident Management Field Guide (replaces the Fireline Hand Book)(Wildland Fire IMFG)